Control Unit

This is a compact-size, highly-functional control unit for the LA series.


highly-functional control unit
Revolution speed display, alarm display, external control function.

Protective functions

Cooling air supply monitor, overload monitor, cord break monitor, revolution monitor

External control input/output

(Remove the center cover of the front panel, and there are input/output terminals.)
Power ON/OFF, Forward/Reverse revolution, RPM UP/DOWN, RPM/Current monitor, Alarm output

Names of Parts

1 Main power switch
2 Rotation switch
3 Start switch
4 Speed Down switch
5 Speed Up switch
6 Revolution speed display
7 Air Out
8 Air In
9 External input terminal
10 Serial connector (RS232C)
11 Motor connector
12 Power main switch
13 AC IN power socket
Names of Parts

Product Specifications

Power supply 100VAC, 50/60Hz
220VAC, 50/60Hz (option)
240VAC, 50/60Hz (option)
Air supply 0.2 to 0.5MPa
Clean dry air
(Air supply being monitored by controller)
4 mm diam. x 5 m tube included
Rated power 123w
Mass 2.4kg
Dimensions 200(W) x 220(D) x 42(H) mm