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Where to make contact
1-4-20 Osachi-Katama-cho, Okaya-shi, Nagano 394-0084 Japan
DAIYA SEIKI Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department. Ichinose (
Phone: +81-266-28-8868


New graduate employment information

The adoption application of the new graduate is being received in April, 2007. The factory tour is accepted at any time. The young person who has the purpose with the motivation is recruited. Please inquire details. Or, please see "the web career campus".


Experienced person employment information
Experienced person employment information

work at the head office

FA mechanism design engineer. A few people
Production technology engineer. A few people
Lathe/Miller processing/Cylinder grinding processing engineer. A few people

Tokyo office work
Business charge and manager. One person

It accepts at any time. Please inquire details of the above-mentioned where to make contact.

Salary and benefit package Please inquire details of the above-mentioned where to make contact.
an increment in salary Once a year ( April)
Bonus Twice a year (July and December)
Place of business Headquarters : Okaya-shi, Nagano, Japan
Working hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Vacation of holiday Five-day working week (116 days of holiday of year)
Annual leave with pay. Social, special vacation. Child care and nursing vacation
Insurance Social insurance ( Health insurance/Welfare annuity/Unemployment insurance/Workers accident compensation insurance)
Public welfare

Friendship activity/Company trip/Bore rally/Summer festival.etc.
Club activities/Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Softball, Basketball .etc.

Educational training Mid-level employee education, Management supervisor education, Various seminar dispatches, Correspondence course help, Overseas training.