Company Profile

DAIYAC Corp. established in 1989 as a sales company of >DAIYA SEIKI Co., Ltd..

We accept designing, manufacturing, and delivering carbide/steel collet chucks and guide bushes, ER collets, collets for dedicated machines, and the like from one piece.
In 2019, we added Collet Hand to our product lines, which is precision handling unit for robots using collet chuck.
We also offer goods that meets your needs such as high-speed spindles for fine processing and quills for internal surface grinding wheels.

We gained ISO14001 certification in 2002.
Considering the global environment, we work on re-grind and repair collet chucks, guide bushes, and chuck sleeves to effectively use the limited resources and reduce throwaway.

We appreciate for your continuous support.

DAIYAC Corporation

Company NameDAIYAC Corporation
Location1-4-20 Osachi-Katamacho, Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture, 394-0084, Japan
EstablishmentApril 1st, 1989
Capital20-million JPY
RepresentativePresident and Representative Director: Yuji OGUCHI
Category of businessSales of collet chucks, guide bushes, and other related products
Manufacturing companyDAIYA SEIKI Co., Ltd.

Corporate color

Our corporate color is as follows:

  [DIC] DIC-223 System color mode: Bright purple blue
  [CMYK] C:84 M:80 Y:0 K:0
  [RGB] R:70 G:65 B:164
  [HTML] #4641A4
  [Munsell value] 8.7 PB 3.2/14.2