Guide on Re-grinding (Reuse)

Do you dispose or keep collet chucks and guide bushes that are currently not used from wearing away or not a good fit?
Reduce your “mottainai” items and the cost of tools to cut down expenses.

<Collet chucks and guide bushes>
 A: Re-use as a same bore size
 B: Re-use as a bigger bore sized one

<Chuck sleeves>
Re-grinding the tapered part of the chuck sleeves prevent the collet chucks sticking to them.
In addition, accuracy can be improved.

Re-grinding flow

1. Receiving the item: please send the item to us.
2. Acceptance inspection: we assess whether the condition of the item is sufficient enough to be polished to meet your demand.
3. Re-grinding
4. Quality inspection
5. Delivery: items will usually be delivered in about 3 days(depends on the number of the items).

  • As a general rule, all products are capable of re-polishing for 2 times.
  • We accept products from others on the market.
  • Some items may not be able to re-grinding depending on its condition.
  • We assess whether possible or not to proceed the re-grinding after confirming the item.
  • Please contact us for the details and other processing condition.