The Premium Guide Bush is able to significantly reduce runout accuracy in clearance adjustment by high-precision thread grinding.
Our original grinding technology improves the deflection accuracy to the utmost limit.


Guide bushes influences the most over the the precision of the products in Swiss type lathes, i.e. Sliding Headstock Type NC Automatic Lathes. Parts for automobiles, medical devices, and state-of-the-art information appliances, especially, require credibility and stable quality.
The key in a mass production system is to quickly launch products that meet specifications in the setup of automatic lathe machines.
In addition, this guide bush can keep the accuracy without variation during mass production, and reduce the cost of the product process. Also, retaining initial state and producing quality of product with less variation have a good impact on product costs in mass production. Here we release our Premium Guide Bush for engineers tackling these problems and struggling day after day.
 We, DAIYAC, are able to provide products and services from the perspective of engineers based on our everyday experience of producing not only collet chucks and guide bushes with automatic lathes but also parts for racing cars, next-generation vehicles, and medical equipment, that requires credibility.

Premium Guide Bush (standard inventory)

Premium Guide Bushes “CG180WR-PG” for Cincom B12 and L12,  “CG0300WR-PG” for Cincom L20,M20 and A20
now available on Amazon.
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