Options description

Following is the description of the options we provide.
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We respond to your request that are not on this list. Please contact us.

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Options Option sign Briefing
Long nosed collet chuck L□ or L□A□B□ Extend nose collet chuck
Sealing K Slits are sealed up with silicone
High precision P High accuracy run out
Smooth bore S Removing grooves on the inner diameter
*Smooth bore is the standard for bore size φ8mm or less.
Material guide J Attaching material guide
With key slot U Select when key slot is required
Spiral slits Z Spiral (wave-shaped) slits
Grid grooved bores T Select when internal bore grid grooves are required
 Diamond-patterned bore DG Select when diamond patterned grooves are required
Off-center E Select when the item is off-centered
Special carbide length for guide bushes WL□ Specifying the length for guide bushes with longer carbide 

Long nosed collet chuck : L□ or L□A□B□

In sub-processing, it can prevent the tools from interfering the machine by making nose longer.
As for nose shape, we respond to your request such as straight or tapered shape.

Specify the size in the square following the sign WL.

Standard nose length of collet chucks are as in the following table:

Standard nose length of collet chucks

Sealing: K

Sealing option at the slits with silicone resin to reduce invasion of chips and cutting oil.
Mainly applied in sub-collet chucks.

Sealing up the slits

High precision: P

We have set ranks of runout accuracy for collet chucks and guide bushes.
Select this option when high runout accuracy is required for the processing works.

All the collet chucks and guide bushes we deliver have passed accuracy check.
It is possible to confirm run out accuracy of the item you purchased with the inspection sheet attached to the product.
(The accuracy inspection data may differ when the product is set to the machine. The data is the value when set in our measurement jig.)

Inspection sheet attached to the product

<How we measure runout accuracy>

  1. Set collet the chuck or guide bush at the measuring instrument.
  2. Set pin gage.
  3. Measure runout accuracy at a) mouth/b) 10mm from mouth/c) 20mm from mouth.

Smooth bore: S

Following are the advantage and disadvantage of smooth bore collet chuck:
・Advantage: slip of the work may be reduced.
・Disadvantage: the work may be damaged.

Note: specifying procedure differs depending on bore size.

Bore size Standard bore How to specify smooth bore
Up to and include 8.0mm Without grooves Not required
More than 8.0mm With grooves Select S

*Smooth bore collet chucks are mainly adopted for sub-collet chucks.
*Bores are of circumferential direction(transverse grooves). There also are vertical and horizontal grooves option, which added vertical grooves just like grid pattern.

Cutting model of collet chuck with grooves(left) and smooth bore(right)

Material guide: J

Adding brass material guide at the posterior part of collet chucks and guide bushes to reduce runout caused from the material bending.
Mainly applied when processing small diameter material.

An example of material guide option added (golden part: material guide)

With key slot: U

Adding key slot to keep repeatability of mounting position of the collet chuck.
Key slot position of automatic lathes varies from model to model; it comes in tapered part or chuck trunk part.
As a prerequisite, chuck sleeve on the machine side should have a pin or the like for preventing rotation.

Square, hexagonal, and irregular collet chucks have grooves.
The position of the keyway differs depending on the model of the machine body. Please feel free to contact us.

An example of key slot option on the tapered part(above) and
on the chuck trunk part(below)

Spiral slits: Z

Option to modify standard straight slits into Spiral (wave-shaped) slits.

Straight slits in round collet chucks and guide bushes may cause trouble when processing square or hexagonal material as the corners of the material will get into the slits.
With Spiral slits, you can prevent the corners of the work from getting into slits.

This option is also applied for chucking round material as it can reduce the invasion of chips.

An example of spiral slits, applicable for chucking square material, not only for round material.

Grid grooves bore: T

Grid grooves bore option with horizontal grooves of circumferential direction and vertical grooves on internal diameter to reduce slipping of the material.
Mainly applied in collet chucks for heavy cutting.

Cutting model of grid grooved collet(left), its front view(middle), and standard horizontal grooves(right).

Diamond-patterned bore: DG

Rhombus grooves are added to the inner diameter to prevent material from slipping.
It is used when a stronger grip force than the vertical and horizontal grooves option is required.
Applicable only for steel collet chucks.

Cutting model of diamond patterned grooved collet(left), its inner diameter magnified display(middle), and standard horizontal grooves(right).

Off-center: E

For cases when rotation center and gripping center does not match and make grip hole off-center as the following figure.

Mainly used for sub-chucking.

Specify off-center dimension.

*This option contains key slot to keep repeatability of mounting position of the collet chuck
The position of the keyway differs depending on the model of the machine body. Please feel free to contact us.
We respond from design to manufacturing special shapes including off-center. Please feel free to contact us.

An example of an off-center collet and its front view

Special carbide length for carbide guide bushes: WL□

Option for guide bushes when longer carbide is required compared to the standard length.
This option is effective in preventing the material from dropping from the carbide part of the guide bush when drawing the material in notching process, threading process, and the like.

Standard specification(right)

Refer to the table below for the length of the standard carbide.

There are limits for the length. Please contact us for details.
*WL20 and WL30 stocks are available in some of the sizes of 20 model. Please feel free to contact us.