Spindles for fine hole processing

We design and manufacture various high-precision and high-speed spindles for production facilities, dedicated machines, and OEMs with custom-made support.

Every spindles are designed, manufactured, assembled, and inspected at our manufacturer, DAIYA SEIKI Co., Ltd. .
We design and manufacture spindles that meets your demands from one unit.
Feel free to contact us.

1.DS series

Supplying oil mist enables to have high speed rotation and long operating life.
We fix the imbalance of each parts and perform field balance correction after assembling to restrain vibration to the utmost limit.
Aside from standard products, specification changes that meets your needs are available in a short delivery time.
We also offer suggestions according to your use conditions and cost requirements.
Please feel free to contact us.

2.ATC Custom Spindle

We design and manufacture ATC(BT10/BT20/BT30) spindle from one unit.
Please contact us for any specification changes; size, rotation speed, balance adjustment, cost, etc.
Special spindles aside from ATC spindles, such as coolant-through type, can be designed and manufactured.

3.Spindles for Static Pressure Air Bearing

The ultra-high-precision spindle designed and manufactured by our company, which has a proven track record in micro hole drilling machines (BISSIAH-ML10).
Through collaboration with an University, we have developed a designing software of our original based on the theory of static pressure bearings.
Provide us with the conditions of use and we will suggest the most suitable aerostatic bearings for your application.