The know-how as a collet chuck manufacturer is integrated
Light-weight, compact, and high-precision hand with a built-in air cylinder

Every product is designed, manufactured, assembled, and inspected at our manufacturer, DAIYA SEIKI Co., Ltd. .
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Strong points of Collet Hand

  • High precision hand equipped with a collet chuck (repeatability not exceeding ±0.005mm)
  • The versatile 3 lines: Standard (outer diameter clamping), inner diameter grip, and over-grip models
  • The collet chuck can be changed to support various workpiece shapes
  • Lightweight and compact with a built-in air cylinder mechanism and the gripping force can be controlled by adjusting air pressure
  • Round, square, and robot-compatible types are available

Collet Hand Structure

  1. Built-in air cylinder mechanism
    The gripping force can be controlled by adjusting air pressure.
  2. A sensor
    A sensor that detects the sleeve position can be installed. *Square sensor model
  3. Collet chuck
    The collet chuck achieves a high gripping force with a repeatability of ±0.005 mm. Various workpieces can be handled by changing the collet chuck.
  4. Coil spring
    The clamping accuracy in the thrust direction increases by restricting the collet chuck movement.