We use these terms to explain our products.

Collet chuckCollet cucks are loaded on the main spindles in automatic lathes to grip and to rotate material by tightening tapered part. There are various shapes and sizes depending on the machine used.
Guide bushGuide bushes have a mechanism similar to that of a collet chuck, supports the material moderately near the processing point, and prevents the material from bending.
Steel collet chuck/guide bushSteel is a general term for alloys whose main component is iron. Steel collet chucks can grip the material more firmly than carbide ones. (Approximately twice as much estimated by our company.)
Its low prices are optimal for processing small and medium quantity products.
Carbide collet chuck/guide bushCemented carbide (Carbide) is an alloy made by sintering hard metal carbide powder. Due to its high hardness and wear resistance, carbide collet chucks do not easily worn down even after long-time use, and are often used for processing mass-produced products.
Cermet guide bushCermet is a composited and sintered material of hard compound powder and metal. Due to its high heat resistance and low affinity for iron, cermet collet chucks are often used for stainless steel processing.