QAs while in use

The material may be slipping. Please check the following items.
– Does the diameter of the material change?
– Is the tool sharp enough?

If there are no problems with the items above, the material gripping force of the collet chuck may be insufficient for the machining conditions.
If you are currently using carbide collet chucks, please consider try using our steel collet chucks.
Steel collet chucks have approximately twice stronger gripping force* compared to carbide collet chucks.
Please refer >here for information about steel chucks.
*In our comparison

There are cases that the collet chuck sticks to the chuck sleeve and does not open.
This may be caused from wear/deformation of tapered part, both on the chuck and the sleeve.
The wear and deformation of tapered part on the chuck sleeves may affect especially.
Also, tightening collet chucks too much accelerates its wear and deformation.
We offer >re-polishing of chuck sleeves and collet chucks at DAIYAC.
Refer >here for details of re-polishing, too.

Good condition(left) and bad condition(right)

Please feel free to contact us with troubles including these troubles.
We not only deliver products but also offer technical support, providing assistance comprehensively on our customers’ manufacturing.
Leave it up to us concerning collet chucks and guide bushes.

Please note not to tighten the long nosed collet chuck for sub-spindle use too much.
Force described in the figure with the arrows below opens the tip of the chuck, resulting in unstable chucking condition especially when the work length is short.
The carbide part may be damaged in the worst case.

QAs when placing orders

The product code specifying method is as follows. Refer >here for the description of the options.


Please fill in the inner diameter size and ▢ part by referring to the figure below.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Standard nose length of collet chucks are as follows.
Longer nose collet chucks are also available. To specify, refer >here .

Standard carbide length of the guide bushes are as follows.
Please contact us if you are looking for sizes larger than φ34.0mm.
Refer >here for the procedure of specifying options for special carbide length for guide bushes.

Collet chucks we deliver can be applied in both main spindles and sub spindles.
Therefore there are no description of the sub chucks on the code reference list.

Product codes are shared between main chucks and sub chucks, however for sub chucking use, please make sure to specify following 3 points; nose length, whether sealing option is required or not, and whether internal grooves are necessary or not. Refer >here here for descriptions for these options.

Please let us know the trunk diameter, material, and bore size.

We may be able to handle sizes not listed.

Collet chucks can be used for both main spindles and sub spindles. Please make sure to define whether or not you need sealing, inner diameter grooves, and nose length when you use chucks on the main spindles.

All products are capable of re-polishing(re-grinding) for 2 times.

Depending on the condition of the product, cracking, breaking, or damaging may occur while processing.
We will stop processing and contact the customer in such cases.

Also note that some items may not be able to re-polish depending on its condition.

We ask for your kind understanding that due to the nature of re-polishing of used products, we cannot guarantee the quality and performance close to those of new products.

Please refer >here for more details about re-polishing.


It is as seen in the table below.

For details, see options list >high precision page.